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      [Pg 396]

      Where are you from, Phorion? asked pallid Deinocrates.

      [9] Dongan to Denonville, 13 Oct., 1685, in N. Y. Col. Docs., IX, 292. *** Ibid., I. 489.

      Simonides could scarcely believe his ears, and turned to his guest in speechless surprise. Lycon laughed in his sleeve.

      It was a desolate and lonely scene,the river gliding dark and cold between its banks of rushes; the empty lodges, covered with crusted snow; the vast white meadows; the distant cliffs, bearded with shining icicles; and the hills wrapped in forests, which glittered from afar with the icy incrustations that cased each frozen twig. Yet there was life in the savage landscape. The men saw buffalo wading in the snow, and they killed one of them. More than this: they discovered the tracks of moccasins. They cut rushes by the edge of the river, piled them on the bank, and set them on fire, that the smoke might attract the eyes of savages roaming near.

      [Pg 140]

      of his father-in-law, Charles Sevestre, and are set down at


      But while De Monts and his company were struggling against despair at St. Croix, the enemies of his monopoly were busy at Paris; and, by a ship from France, he was warned that prompt measures were needed to thwart their machinations. Therefore he set sail, leaving Pontgrave to command at Port Royal: while Champlain, Champdore, and others, undaunted by the past, volunteered for a second winter in the wilderness.of the inhabitants complained of him to Courcelle, the governor. One day Courcelle saw the Jesuit, who was old and somewhat infirm, slowly walking by the Chateau, cane in hand, on his usual errand, on which he sent a sergeant after him to request that he would not go so often to the Lower Town, as the people were annoyed by the frequency of his visits. The father replied in wrath, Go and tell Monsieur de Courcelle that I have been there ever since he was governor, and that I shall go there after he has ceased to be governor; and he kept on his way as before. Courcelle reported his answer to the superior, Le Mercier, and demanded to have him sent home as a punishment; but the superior effected a compromise. On the following Thursday, after mass in the cathedral, he invited Courcelle into the sacristy, where Father Chatelain was awaiting them; and here, at Le Merciers order, the old priest begged pardon of the offended governor on his knees. *


      [12] Ragueneau, Relation des Hurons, 1650, 6, 7.So, continued Phorion, Simonides bought a young slave named Zenon. He hadnt given much for him, because Zenon had robbed his former master, a physician in the neighboring city of Ormenium; he had been branded and fled to Poseidons altar in Methone. Nobody would buy him, but when he fell weeping at Simonides feet and promised to conquer his evil propensities, the latter was touched and bought him for less than a mina.Q For more than a year his conduct obtained his masters approval and won his favor and confidence. One day Simonides was visited by a man from Hypata, with whom he had business relations. Zenon waited on the table and saw the stranger pay Simonides nearly a talent, partly in ready money and partly in drafts on well-known moneylenders in Athens, and noticed that this property was placed in a box where many bags of daricsR were already kept. The next morning the chest where the box had been placed was found broken open. The box had gone, and with it Zenon. Simonides sent mounted messengers to this city, but Zenon had already had the drafts cashed, the more easily because his masters seal ring was in the chest.


      Lycon pushed the sleeping boy away with his foot and, in the midst of the slaves noisy mirth, the master of the house and his guest suddenly stood among them.DEATH OF CHAMPLAIN.