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      "I'ay laiss en la Residence de sainct Ioseph les Peres Pierre Piiart, et Isaac Iogves, dans les mesmes sentimens."

      This message showed he was not to be treated as a slave.[64] Pierre Moreau, alias La Taupine, was afterwards bitterly complained of by the Intendant Duchesneau, for acting as the governor's agent in illicit trade with the Indians.

      She killed the man who brought war upon us.

      [8] Buteux, Narr de le Prise du Pre Jogues, MS. This document leaves no doubt as to the locality.

      So this was Melitta, the irresistibly pretty Melitta."The Iroquois have taken him," pursued the Rector. "Is he dead? Have they murdered him?"



      I know, muttered Periphas with a sullen glance, that a murderer is unclean.But how was La Salle employed in the following year? The same memoir has its solution to the [Pg 31] problem. By this it appears that the indefatigable explorer embarked on Lake Erie, ascended the Detroit to Lake Huron, coasted the unknown shores of Michigan, passed the Straits of Michilimackinac, and, leaving Green Bay behind him, entered what is described as an incomparably larger bay, but which was evidently the southern portion of Lake Michigan. Thence he crossed to a river flowing westward,evidently the Illinois,and followed it until it was joined by another river flowing from the northwest to the southeast. By this, the Mississippi only can be meant; and he is reported to have said that he descended it to the thirty-sixth degree of latitude; where he stopped, assured that it discharged itself not into the Gulf of California, but into the Gulf of Mexico, and resolved to follow it thither at a future day, when better provided with men and supplies.[20]


      Xenocles gazed at Maira as though she were a stranger. He understood that it was maternal affection which made her so strong, and at the same time dimly felt that perhaps he had some reason to reproach himself.