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      What is the matter? inquired Esmeralda, innocently; nobody was hurt.But you must please yourself, said Trafford. We all think of you and seek your happiness.

      Lady Wyndover emitted a kind of moan.

      No, I am not frightened, said Esmeralda, simply.

      But they cant all be in love with him! said Esmeralda, after a moments consideration of this startling assertion.

      Yes. A strange duchess, Varley! She laughed sadly. But all thats done with now. I have left it all behind, never to go back to it. I want to be plain Esmeralda of Three Star once moreEsmeralda Howard, Varley, if you will have me. Im going to be just as I was beforebefore I went away. Ah, how I wish I had never gone! Everybodyyou and Mother Melinda, and all the boysloved me and were good to me, though I was only a poor girl without even a name.

      Please tell me! she said.[Pg 311]


      Norman started and turned crimson.


      What beautiful trees! And the road, it is like a garden path, like those paths in Kensington Park. When the palace came in view she uttered no sound, but her eyes opened, and her lips parted with wonder and amazement. Lady Wyndover, also, was startled and surprised by the vastness and beauty of the place, though she, of course, had heard and read of it.


      No! he said in a low voice. She is not there. I thought she might be here with you.Wellyou could, he said, succinctly.