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      Esmeralda knit her brows.

      It is fortunate that it is not the fashion to throw brickbats after the newly married, he said.

      The clock on the mantelpiece struck six, and the old eight-day clock in the hall followed like a solemn echo. Captain Hulbert started up. "So late! Why, we have been talking for nearly two hours!" he exclaimed, "and I have a budget of letters to write for the night mail. Good-bye, darlingor I'll say au revoir, for I'll walk down again after dinner, and get half an hour's chat with Disney, if you don't think it will be too late for me to see him."

      "Yet they say that sailors"



      Sakes alive! exclaimed Mother Melinda, as Esmeralda leaned back in her chair and gazed absently at the plate which she usually cleared so promptly. Air you ill, Ralda? I never see you turn away from your food afore. Whats the matter with you?