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      I dont think youll be wretched, he said, and he took the hand that hung over his shoulder and stroked it. But Ill strike a bargain with you. If youre not happy, if anything goes wrong, you shall come back to Three Star if you care to.

      I hear, he said, bitterly. But you are wrong. She deceived youallas she deceived me. She loved Norman Druceshe left Belfayre with him.

      I dont know, said Lady Wyndover, helplessly. Would you rather have walked? I never walk anywhere, if I can help it.

      Although the season was only just beginning, Lady Wyndover, as she leaned forward in her brougham, was recognized by numbers of her acquaintances; and as she bowed and smiled, Esmeralda said:

      Mr. Pinchook took up his hat.


      No, said Trafford.




      Varley Howard raised his eyebrows slightly, and proceeded to roll a cigarette with extreme care.