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      IV.Charlton paused and wiped his forehead. He spoke quite calmly and collectedly, but the great drops stood on his face.

      (1.) In what respect are air and water like belts and gearing, as means to transmit power?(2.) What are some of the principal advantages gained by employing air to operate railway brakes?(3.) Name some of the advantages of centralising motive power.(4.) Are the conditions of working an engine the same whether air or steam is employed?

      Miss Charlotte's a-comin' down de la--ane!"55


      We may, indeed, fairly ask what guarantee against wrong-doing of any kind could be supplied by a system which made the supreme good of each individual consist in his immunity from pain and fear, except that very pain or fear which he was above all things to avoid? The wise man might reasonably give his assent to enactments intended for the common good of all men, including himself among the number; but when his concrete interest as a private citizen came into collision with his abstract interests as a social unit, one does not see how the quarrel was to be decided on Epicurean principles, except by striking a balance between the pains respectively resulting from justice and injustice. Here, Epicurus, in his anxiety to show that hedonism, rightly understood, led to the same results as the accepted systems of morality, over-estimated the policy of honesty. There are cases in which the wrong-doer may count on immunity from danger with more confidence than when entering on such ordinary enterprises as a sea-voyage or a commercial speculation; there are even cases where a single crime might free him from what else would be a lifelong dread. And, at worst, he can fall back on the Epicurean arguments proving that neither physical pain nor death is to be feared, while the threats of divine vengeance are a baseless dream.147


      "All the women and children had been taken to a convent, where they were kept imprisoned for four days, without hearing of the fate of their beloved ones. They themselves expected to be shot in their turn. Round about them the burning of the town went on.


      "Why, what's this?" he exclaimed. "What does the game mean?"