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      It was not long till the color left his face, his head was in a whirl, and his stomach began to manifest eruptive symptoms.

      V2 story is told of him that before the army embarked he invited some of them to dinner in his tent, where they found no seats but logs, and no carpet but bearskins. A servant presently placed on the ground a large dish of pork and peas, on which his lordship took from his pocket a sheath containing a knife and fork and began to cut the meat. The guests looked on in some embarrassment; upon which he said: "Is it possible, gentlemen, that you have come on this campaign without providing yourselves with what is necessary?" And he gave each of them a sheath, with a knife and fork, like his own.

      [552] Procs de Bigot, Cadet, et autres, Requte du Procureur-Gnral, 19 Dec. 1761.

      "I'll try to remember ... Lord! but it's good to have an accelerator under your big toe again! ... This lil' ole bus is about all I own, Pen!"




      "You've had plenty of time to dress!" said Delehanty harshly.