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      "Ye can't get through unless ye've got the counter sign," said he, decisively; "and I shan't give it to ye, nuther! And ye needn't try to show me how to hold my gun! I can handle it well enough to shoot and punch the Bayonet!"

      "You have to bear on hard," said the veteran, with a grim smile."Ellick and Theodo'!" said Pen with curling lip.

      He helped her across the hall and Pen sank down on the old linen-covered sofa with the broken springs. She was still pressing her hand to her breast in that mute gesture that drove him to distraction. In truth she was pale enough, but it was not from heart disease.Et Montcalm et Lvis,

      "I have a little. Enough to buy a pair of white shoes, and materials to retrim my last summer's hat. That will have to do."Towards three o'clock on the afternoon of that day Rogers had reached a point nearly west of the mountain that bears his name. The rough and rocky ground was buried four feet in snow, and all around stood the gray trunks of the forest, bearing aloft their skeleton arms and tangled 13

      After sputtering vigorously a few minutes, while Shorty laughed at him. Si managed to get his tongue untwisted.

      2. The bread is called bread, and the wine wine, after consecration, both by our Lord Himself and His Apostles.


      Pen was afraid to put her name to this. She hated anonymity, and realized that it would raise a justifiable suspicion in the other girl's breast, but within the past few days the newspapers had made the name of Pendleton Broome almost as famous as that of Donald Counsell. How could she take the risk? Suppose her letter ended in the newspapers? She turned hot and cold at the thought. Even the post-mark Absolom's Island would give too much away. But she had to take that chance. She couldn't put down a false name either. She finally signed her letter: "Your Would-be Friend."The chief said suddenly with the air of one springing a disagreeable surprise: "Had you ever seen Counsell before yesterday?"


      "So they said," Don said offhand. "College popularity doesn't saw much wood in later life.""Them duds is a bad lot," he said to Shorty, casting rueful glances at the little heap of soiled and ragged clothes. "Purty hard to make a decent show with them things."