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      Whats to be done? asked Bill, as the person chiefly responsible for the embarrassing situation.

      He stood looking at her under his knit brows in silence. What could he say? She laughed hysterically.

      "Do you think he will be at church?" asked Allegra, the pronoun standing for Mr. Crowther.Its full of adventure, she said, and all sorts of terrible things happen to the manenough to kill ten men out of a bookbut he gets through them all in a most wonderful manner. And hes always saving some girl, and shooting some man; but the man who wrote it doesnt seem to know the difference between a rifle and an ordinary gunhe ought to have lived in Three Starbut it isnt bad.

      What lovely hair youve got, miss! she said.

      "Did I? Yes, I remembera little Tauchnitz volume bound in moroccocontraband in England. A cheatlike many things in this life."


      Mr. Baynham accompanied his patient and her husband to Plymouth, where the family adviser of Trelasco had a long and serious talk with the leading medical light of the great seaport. The result of which consultationafter the tossing to and fro of such words as an?mia, atrophy, family history, hysteria, between the two doctors, as lightly as if diseases were shuttle-cockswas briefly communicated to Colonel Disney in a sentence that struck terror to his heart, carefully as it was couched. It amounted in plain words to this: We think your wife's condition serious enough to cause alarm, although there are at present no indications of organic disease. Should her state of bodily weakness and mental[Pg 203] depression continue, we apprehend atrophy, or perhaps chronic hysteria. Under these circumstances, we strongly recommend you to give her a change of scene, and a milder winter climate even than that of the west of England. Were she living in Scotland or Yorkshire we might send her to Penzance; but as it is we should advise either a sea voyage, or a residence for the rest of the winter at Pau, Biarritz, or on the Riviera.


      "At any hour you please."I know, assented Trafford, with a sigh.


      Why? My dear child, how can you ask? Lord Trafford is the best parti in London. He is not only the Marquis of Trafford, but he will be the Duke of Belfayre. The dukedom is one of the oldest in England. Belfayre is one of the most magnificent places in Europein the world! My dear Esmeralda, you have done splendidly! I am proud of you!"BUT THE DAYS drop ONE BY ONE."