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      Still other visions are recorded by Chaumonot as occurring to Brbeuf, when they were together in the Neutral country. See also the long notice of Brbeuf, written by his colleague, Ragueneau, in the Relation of 1649; and Tanner, Societas Jesu Militans, 533.You saw the necessity, Hipyllos continued, and besides....

      PERSECUTION.Joutel was returning to camp one afternoon with the master-carpenter, when they saw game; and the carpenter went after it. He was never seen again. Perhaps he was lost on the prairie, perhaps killed by Indians. He knew little of his trade, but they nevertheless had need of him. Le Gros, a man of character and intelligence, suffered more and more from the bite of the snake received in the marsh on Easter Day. The injured limb was amputated, and he died. La Salle's brother, the priest, lay ill; and several others among the chief persons of the colony were in the same condition.

      What do you mean? he hastened to ask.THE HETAERIA.

      Slowly pour the fountains water Oer the white neck of the bride; Brow and bosom let it moisten, Hand, and foot, and back, and side! Soon the fair one will perceive the Cooling freshness of the bath, As her fair limbs marble whiteness The pink bloom of roses hath.CHAPTER X.

      [Pg 383]Disorder grew from bad to worse. Men gave no heed to bishop, preacher, or confessor, writes Father Charlevoix. The French have despised the remonstrances of our prelate, because they are supported by the civil power, says the superior of the Ursulines. He is almost dead with grief, and pines away before our eyes.



      Famine and the Tomahawk ? A New Asylum ? Voyage of the Refugees to Quebec ? Meeting with Bressani ? Desperate Courage of the Iroquois ? Inroads and Battles ? Death of ButeuxTalon.Restriction and Monopoly.Views of Colbert.Political Galvanism.A Father of the People.



      * Lettre de Marie de l'Incarnation a son fils, 4 Octobre,