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      Shortly afterwards, passing his father in the great gallery at Versailles, the Duc de Richelieu said to himLaure Permon, Duchesse dAbrants, than whom no one was a better judge of these matters, observes

      breakfast in the kitchen by candle-light, and then drove the five

      Cherchons bien les chemises


      "Not a word, not a word; you have insulted a German official, and according to the proclamation you know that that is severely punished. You are my prisoner."


      Next morningso far, so high on the horizon! I saw a pink spot; then, as day broke, the rose colour spreadbroader, lower, turned paler, then to white, and the Himalayas lay before me in blinding glory of size and light. Kinchinjunga, at a measureless distance, looked in the clear air as if it were quite close; and round the sovereign giant other giants rent their wrappings of cloud, an amphitheatre of peaks of dazzling whiteness lost against the sky, and almost insensibly fading away behind the vapour that rolled up from the abysses, grew[Pg 148] thicker, and settled into a compact mass over the lost summits, hiding the nearer heights and shrouding Darjeeling in opaque white fog.With these and all the different relations of her husband, Mme. dAyen lived in the greatest harmony, [176] especially with his sister, the Duchesse de Lesparre, a calm, holy, angelic woman after her own heart.