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      "O, the flintlock's played out, you flannel-mouthed Irishman," said Shorty irritably. "It's as out-of-date as a bow and arrer. This's a percussion-lock; don't you understand? This is a cap. You stick it right on this nipple, an' when the hammer goes down off goes your gun. Don't you see?""Just plug at 'em as you would at a crow, and then go on your way whistlin'?" persisted Harry.

      "That stuff's not fit to put into an ostrich's stomach," he said. "Mr. Klegg, you will have to watch this man very carefully."

      "There, you take that path to the right, and in a little ways you'll come out by a purty good house. I hain't seen any Johnnies around in this neighborhood since I've bin travelin' this route, but you'd better keep your eye peeled, all the same. If you see any, skip back to the road here, and wait awhile. Somebody 'll be passin' before long."This went on so long, and apparently so purposelessly, that even the constant Si and Shorty were shaken a little by it.

      "How many rebels?"

      out for him, and fetch him up in the way he shood go, if I


      "Wonder if I couldn't help git the proof," suggested Shorty, with his sleuth instincts reviving.


      The drenched but excited boys followed his directions with nervous haste. Shorty took one gun after another and examined it, while Si went forward a little ways to reconnoiter. The calm deliberation of the partners steadied the nervous boys.