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      "Mink or weasel," said Pen.[122] "L'Acadie suivant ses anciennes limites est la presquisle borne par son isthme." La Galissonire au Ministre, 25 Juillet, 1749. The English commissioners were, of course, ignorant of this admission.

      "You must be worn out, dear. Lie down and sleep. I'll keep watch."[442] Examination of Sergeant James Archibald.

      "He's a divorced man," said Pen wickedly. Her father held strong views on the subject.

      V2 on their part, promised to give the French sick and wounded the same care as their own, and to protect private property from pillage.

      [321] James Gray to John Gray, 11 July, 1755.


      When she had given them their fill of looking, Pen turned and commenced to walk slowly away.


      It did not need the presence of Frontenac to cause snappings and sparks in the highly electrical atmosphere of New France. Callires took his place as governor ad interim, and in due time received a formal appointment to the office. Apart from the wretched state of his health, undermined by gout and dropsy, he was in most respects well fitted for it; but his deportment at once gave umbrage to the excitable Champigny, who declared that he had never seen such hauteur since he came to the colony. Another official was still more offended. "Monsieur de Frontenac," he says, "was no sooner dead than trouble began. Monsieur de Callires, puffed up by his new authority, claims honors due only to a marshal of France. It would be a different matter if he, like his predecessor, were regarded as the father of the country, and the love and delight of the Indian allies. At 439 the review at Montreal, he sat in his carriage, and received the incense offered him with as much composure and coolness as if he had been some divinity of this New World." In spite of these complaints, the court sustained Callires, and authorized him to enjoy the honors that he had assumed. [1]


      Pen used the interim to get her thoughts in some kind of order. She began to be conscious of a sort of exaltation. Her thoughts ran: "He's in trouble! I shall not lose him now! ... Every man's hand is raised against him. He has no one but me to depend on. He's mine!" There was a terrible joy in the thought of standing side by side with him against the whole world. Her breast burned with a fire of resolution. She even had a fleeting regret that he was not guilty; if he had been it would have required her to give so much more. "I love him! I love him!" she said to herself now without shame."You have seen the man once and exchanged a few pleasantries with him!" he cried. "Do you presume to decide from that whether or not he is capable of murder?"