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      Whilse eveh I'm alive, on wateh aw Ian',

      Yes, assented the duke, placidly, as if he had the money at his bankers. It will be rather a large undertaking, and it will cost a great deal of money; but I hold that it is reprehensible to let money lie idle while it could be used in providing employment for hundreds of deserving persons. And it will improve the property also. I shall not see it, but Trafford, I trust, will do so, andhe looked at her with a little smileyou, too, my dear.

      "It isn't hard!" cried Flora; so radiantly that passing strangers brightened back, "I love it!"

      Despicable, she filled in. I know it. Do you think I dont feel itthat I dont know that I am earning your contempt? Thats a womans portion when she sacrifices herself for the man she You would have thought more highly of me if I had made a sceneloaded you with reproaches, and cut you for the rest of my life. Most women would have acted thus; but it is my ill-fortune to care for you, not wisely, but too well.She hesitated a moment.

      Thanks, said Lady Ada. I dont suppose the wedding is very far off. Why should you wait? And I shall be pleased to be one of your bride-maids. Lady Lilias will be one, of course?

      "If I were a dove I certainly should," she said.

      Oh, very, she assented. I wonder what they are talking about?old times, I imagine Ah! she broke off suddenly with the exclamation, and Trafford started.Would you like to go? asked Esmeralda, as she threw the letter across to him.


      Perhaps the least talkative of the party was Norman; but though he did not say overmuch, like the well-known bird belonging to the mariner, he thought the more. He was seated next to Lilias, and his eyes were eloquent enough if his lips were silent. She felt his eyes upon her, and now and again her own sunk and the color would rise to her face; and once, when his hand touched hers, she trembled outright. Indeed, she seemed curiously nervous, and her nervousness increased when a little while after dinner he came to her and asked her if she would be kind enough to show him whether there was any place in the fernery in which they could put some orchids which he had brought home. She rose, still very nervous and with downcast eyes, and Norman leading her to the remotest part of the fernery, apparently forgetting all about the orchids, seized her hand, and with an abruptness which he had no doubt acquired in the wilds of Australia, said, with half-bold, half-fearful eagerness:Varley laughed.



      Then she blushed, for his lightest caress had power to thrill her.As they approached the hut, Varley took hold of Normans bridle.