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      That would not be right, dear, she said, quietly. You must be the chatelaine for the future; I will be your obedient lieutenant, if you like, but you must be the chief and the mistress.[200] Do you think I could presume to take charge of Belfayre now that Trafford has a wife?Norman sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes, and extracted the hideously colored and uncomfortably feeling paper, read it, then sprung out of bed quite wide awake now.

      Yes; she is the sweetest and dearest girl in all the world, she said. And you are just finding it out? Ah, how happy you must be!

      He stood like a man bewildered by a sudden blow.

      At dawn he had risen resolved to make good his boast and "fight like a whale." Under orders of his own seeking he had left the battery the moment its tents were up and had taken boat for Mobile. Whence he had returned only just in time to stand beside Flora Valcour, preceded by a relative of the bridegroom paired with Anna.

      He felt that he could not gain much time by posting down at that time of the night; but he could not wait until the morning; he was doing something, commencing to search, at any rate.

      Ive come down on business, as of course you know, Miss Chetwynde, he said, as they sat together in the library, where he had asked to see her on the evening of his arrival.It did. The Lieutenant hourly expecting to be ordered to the front, this wedding, like so many others, would be at the earliest day possible. "A great concession," the lady said, turning her piquant wrinkles this time upon Mandeville. But just here the General engrossed attention. His voice had warmed sentimentally and his kindled eye was passing back and forth between Anna seated by him and Hilary close at hand in the saddle. He waved wide:


      "With never a word of good-by? Oh, bless my soul, he did say good-by!" There was a general laugh. "But this won't do. It's not safe for him--"


      "And you must let her pay it me back--that money--and me pay it you. 'Twill be easy, only she mus' have time to get the money, and without needing to tell anybody for why, and for why in gold. Alas! I could have kept that a secret had it not have been you are to go to-morrow morning"Trafford forced himself to eat and drink, then went back to the bedside.


      "We have a few paltry things, of course," she spoke on, "but barely would they pay half. They would neither save our honor, neither leave us anything for rent or bread! Our house, to be sure, is worth more than we have borrowed on it, but in the meantime--"The news spread. The whole place was in a state of mild excitement. Perhaps Lord Selvainewho left for his beloved London immediatelycarried the news to town, for the next morning the papers announced the engagement of the Marquis of Trafford to Miss Chetwynde, daughter of Mr. Gordon Chetwynde.