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      Are you ready? asked Simon, with the handkerchief in his hand.

      No, she said; we all wanted to come in here.In England, London, they only care for your money. No, let me be just; thats not true. There were one or twothe duke, a young girl, Lady Wyndoverwho were fond of me. But the rest She shuddered. Ah! its better to be here, Varley, with only a couple of dresses, and short of boots and shoes, with just a hut to live in, but warm, loving hearts around you, than to reign over there a great lady, a duchess, with more dresses than you know what to do with, with diamonds that only make people envy and hate you because theyre better than theirs. Theres bad luck here sometimes, and its rough and ready, butshe stretched out her arms with a gesture almost fiercebut its heaven here compared with the false hell over there.

      How many? asked Varley, with his mouth almost at Bills ear."This all-pervading haze and perfume, dew and dream," he was saying, "is what makes this the Lalla Rookh's land it is!" He smiled at himself and confessed that Carrollton Gardens always went to his head. "Anna, did you ever hear your mother sing--

      She turned her head away from him, and he saw her lips quiver.

      With some of the dbris and a couple of planks from the hut they constructed a litter, Varley assisting them in a kind of stupor. When they carried it to where Trafford still held Esmeralda in his arms, he looked up with bewildered eyes.


      But the postman turned on him with an angry twinkle in his eyes.


      In a pause of the game, Taffy with difficulty steered his way to the table and smiled round with tipsy complacency.